KLM Strategic Solutions was established to assist Financial Planning practices with their ever increasing administrative and regulatory burdens. 

Our aim is to help Financial Planning practices with their administrative obligations to ensure the practice can remain profitable and in many ways increase their profitability.

Karli Mann is the Director of KLM Strategic Solutions Pty Ltd.

With over 10 years of diversified experience in the financial services industry, Karli started KLMSS because she saw an ever growing need to assist financial planners with affordable, effective and timely advice.

As a paraplanner, associate financial adviser and BDM for 10 years, Karli understands the issues and challenges advisers face in their day to day practices. These roles have enabled Karli to keep up to date and have a full understanding of the dynamics of financial services markets and the future issues facing financial planning practices, including the Future of Financial Advice reforms.


  • Diploma of Financial Planning – KAPLAN
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning – KAPLAN